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continue the second part devoted to the discovery of techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (or NLP) to be applied immediately to their welfare.

Perhaps, it is better to tell you that psychology is not just the disease but more and more often people who require advice they just need practical tools to improve and enhance their well-being.

Yesterday we spoke of ‘ extraction of the values ​​of Dilts, which defines them as a kind of compass that guides us in the world deciden do for us what are the important things to deal with because they are of particular importance in our personal scale of values
The purpose of the exercise was to learn to recognize and observe what happens when we become more aware of the values ​​are important to us, and we choose to invest more energy in pursuing their satisfaction.

Why not just co noscere their values?

The values ​​express what a person has learned to consider important in life.

For example, a person might say the most important things for me are:

  • Freedom
  • Health
  • Love
  • The tranquility

This i Indicates current the emotional states that the person wishes to experience well-being in order to prove his life, but in practice this does not tell us what happens or should happen because as the person feels to be healthy or free .
What are the rules

The rules are the source of pleasure and pain that we feel as we muoviam or towards the satisfaction of our values, in other words, are the standards or ” criteria “(R.Dilts, 1987) that we have built into us to feel or less in the emotion that we want to try.
For example, a person may have as a value the peace and quiet when they feel can take a few minutes for the phone and pursue their own children.
Co me the rules work?
The rules have a structure shown schematically in this way:
The part if it contains all our personal rules to access such emotion tranquility:

IF I € 200,000 in the bank -> THEN are quiet


IF my wife loves me -> THEN is willing to follow me in another city

These are examples of such rules may be in values ​​such as love and peace , but each of us has learned to build within themselves different rules sometimes sometimes taking them from their social and family context.
Because the rules are important?

A speech seemingly simplistic as this is an incentive to understand what is important to us and perhaps to make us aware of such internal rules have to stay healthy.

Most of the people you create rules that often make you feel bad rather than good.
Continue the third part tomorrow!