We carry an article for those interested in clinical applications of hypnosis , in particular for what concerns pain.

I had the good fortune to do an internship with Dr.. Mariconti (Medical Director of Anesthesia and Pain Therapy) and participate in these meetings to help overcome the headache .

Being even Psychotherapist using hypnosis, and has been a special experience to see how, in addition to the physical pain of the people participating in these groups, “sbloccavano pains” psychological ..

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Hypnosis ally of the fleet to breast cancer .

A study
published online in the American “Journal of the National Cancer Institute “ legitimizes the entry in the aisles of oncology wards: a hypnosis session before entering the operating room for surgery of breast cancer – they have in fact demonstrated Guy Montgomery and colleagues Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York – reduces the doses of anesthetic needed , decreases pain and discomfort pre and post-operative, and shortens the duration of hospitalization. In other words, is able to reduce the cost of the surgery of approximately $ 773 per patient.

The benefits of surgery in breast cancer  Women who are operated on for breast cancer often complain about pain, nausea and weakness before and after surgery. Complications which may lengthen hospital stay or to promote a new hospitalization, and sometimes force them to further medication. Earlier studies had already suggested the possible virtues of hypnosis against these hardships. Benefits that American experts have now demonstrated in a clinical trial of 200 women ad hoc . In particular, scientists have evaluated the effects of hypnosis practiced an hour before the operation.

And also the anesthesia becomes lighter
The study participants were randomized into two groups: all were entrusted to a psychologist, but while some merely to dialogue, others were instead subjected to 15 minutes of hypnosis pre-intervention . During the session, the specialist accompanied them virtually in a world of images pleasant and relaxing, and also explained to them the ABC’s of self-win for any bothersome symptoms. The authors have thus observed that women in the intervention phase of the group hypnosis anesthesia was enough
light. Not only that. These patients reported fewer problems and spent an average of 11 minutes less on the operating table. Source: “La Stampa” 08/28/07